Perfect Baked French Fries

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I have tried about a thousand baked french fry recipes, and as a self-proclaimed fry connoisseur, I hated them all. All one thousand were terrible and left me wondering why anyone on planet earth eats baked fries. That’s an oxymoron, baked fries. That should be our first clue that this is not meant to be.

But I am relentless, especially when it comes to fries. I am on a new health kick, and I have cut out fried foods and unhealthy oils. I also cut down on carbs, but I didn’t cut them out completely (no way, never ever). Every once in a while, I just want some delicious fries, mmkay?

So, I have been on this mission to perfect a baked fry for a while, and I finally nailed it. One thousand and one tries is all it took! I ultimately landed on it after tweaking and combining other methods and recipes I’d previously tried. Here’s the final product:

What You’ll Need:

– Baking sheet with a rack (like this one)

– Potato cutter (This is what I use and it is the BOMB! I got the 3/8 inch blade)

– Large bowl of cold water 

– 2 Idaho russet potatoes

– 1 TBS olive oil

– Sugar

– Salt, pepper, and garlic powder (to taste)



– Preheat oven to 425º

– Wash potatoes thoroughly (Here’s a link to that handy tool I’m using)


– Cut potatoes using your potato cutter (or a sharp knife)


– Drop cut potatoes into bowl of cold water and let sit for 5 mins


– Drain water from bowl

– Lay a kitchen towel (or paper towels) on the counter and spread potatoes in single layer on the towel

– Lay another towel on top of fries and pat the fries completely dry

– Shake a small amount of sugar over all of the fries (this helps dry them out–they won’t taste sweet) and let sit for 5 mins

– Place fries back into (dried) large bowl, toss in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder and combine well


– Place wire rack over baking sheet and then spray rack with cooking spray 

– Arrange fries on wire rack, making sure they are not touching each other (the wire rack is important for even cooking, don’t ignore this step!)

– Place in pre-heated oven for 25 minutes, or until desired doneness

Enjoy, and if you give it a try, leave me a comment telling me what you thought! 

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  1. Only you would have that heavy duty contraption to cut potatoes 😉 Haha. Love it! I will try these at some point!

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