Hair Bun Donut

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I am completely untalented when it comes to styling my hair. I can’t even give myself a braid! So, my hair is always either down or up in a ponytail. That’s all I got in my repertoire! Lol.

In addition to my lack of styling skills, I also have very fine hair that doesn’t “hold” well. It won’t hold curls, and it certainly doesn’t make a big, beautiful bun. It makes more of a little knot with fly-boys sticking out everywhere. Not cute!

Imagine my happiness and shock when I was able to do this with my hair! I added a third option to my hair-do’s!  

This look is achieved by using a “bun donut”, and I found mine online! It is so cheap, and SO easy to use. The whole thing takes under five minutes from start to finish! If I can do it, you can definitely do it. Click here to get yourself one of these!

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